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#1 iPhone Data Recovery in NYC


our most requested service of 2021:

Apple Logo Boot Loop

By far, our most requested service at iPhone Data Recovery NYC for 2021 is an issue relating to an Apple logo boot loop. Everyday we get calls with customers waking up to their iPhones randomly flashing the apple logo. Nothing happened to the phone the night prior and everything was working perfectly fine. The logo will remain for a few seconds and then end with a black screen.


After multiple attempts of rebooting the device to no avail, our clients take a trip to the Apple Store only to be told; "Your only option is to restore the device. You will lose any data that was not backed up or synced with iCloud." Now that's not acceptable, is it? 

Well, the good news is; there is still a chance for your data to be recovered. But it all depends on what the underlying cause of the loop is. For simplicity purposes, the issue is either caused by problems with the software (data corruption, storage full) or a hardware failure. There are multiple causes relating to hardware failure. The most common hardware failure is due to liquid damage. It may not have happened right away, but at some point, your iPhone was exposed to liquid and therefore damaged the logic board. Another common hardware failure is due to the NAND (memory chip). 

Although every scenario is different and results may vary, we can confidently say we are experts at dealing with this. A diagnostic will be performed and allow us to understand the circumstances and chances of recovery. If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, give us a call at 917.983.9393 or schedule a visit at

Trust the experts

 iPhone Data Recovery NYC understands how valuable your personal data is. With a lifetime of precious memories, we understand how stressful it must be when your device is damaged.  With over 12+ years of industry experience, we've seen it all. Whether your device made contact with some liquid or your iPhone simply refuses to power on, iPhone Data Recovery NYC is here to help. We've established a simple 3 Tier pricing structure allowing a transparent and worry free experience. From graduation photos to client's contacts, we use an "all or nothing" approach where 100% of your data is recovered. We've been in the industry since the beginning. Our certified engineers started in a small 2 person office working with the iPhone 3G providing crucial iPhone data recovery services to our B2B partners.  We realized our consumers deserved the same reliable and transparent service. Many of the current NYC iPhone data recovery "experts" simply brokered the job to us while providing a 5x mark up to their client.

Services Offered

Liquid Damaged 

iPhone Liquid Damaged Repair

- Drinking Water / Coffee/ Soda Spill

- Pool

- Ocean

- Toilet

Motherboard Repair

- Power U2 IC Tristar 

- Touch IC

- Short Circuit

- Backlight

- FPC Connector Replacement

- Baseband 

What we do not do

Recover DELETED text messages or photos

Recover data from a RESTORED iPhone

Recover data from a DISABLED iPhone

These are some of the most common requests from customers. Unfortunately, for software related issues, the results are too inconsistent to provide our customers a great experience. 

Tier 1 

Data Recovery


Hardware Failure



- Power Issue
- Backlight
- Touch IC
- Baseband / Activation Error
-Logic Board Short
- iOS Software Issues
- Single Point of Failure

Models: iPhone 4, 5, 5S, 5SE, 6, 6 Plus
* Tier 1 does not include liquid damaged devices

Tier 2

Data Recovery


Tier 1 +Liquid Damaged



- Power Issue
- Backlight
- Touch IC
- Baseband / Activation Error
-Logic Board Short
- Liquid Damaged / Moisture indicator activated
- Single Point of Failure

Models: iPhone 4, 5, 5SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus

* $45 non refundable  evaluation fee / $65 if liquid damaged

* Basic recovery includes photos / videos 

* Recovery of data based items (contacts, text messages, notes, etc) are additional $50 each

* iTunes back up file is also available for an additional $50

* Price does not include transfer media. Clients may supply their own or purchase one through us

* Tiered pricing is a benchmark estimate considering a single point of failure. Estimates may vary depending on extent of damage.

* Expedited VIP Rush Service available at +$175

Tier 3 
Data Recovery
 Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Newer models 


- Power Issue
- Backlight
- Touch IC
- Baseband / Activation Error
-Logic Board Short
- iOS Software Issues
(error 9, error 4013)
- Liquid Damaged / Moisture  indicator activated
- Logic board has been worked on previously
- Single Point of Failure

- Damaged CPU or NAND chipset
Models: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
**X and up +$175 due to sandwich board design)



Tier 5 
data recovery
the nuclear option

- devices with catastrophic damage

e.x - ran over by a car, crushed by an elevator shaft, cracked or bent board, heavily corroded due to salt, chlorine, lake water, beer, milk, etc.

-devices with previous board repair attempts

- Devices with multiple points of failure

-devices with corrupt iOS

- devices requiring a donor

Our work

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much will iPhone data recovery cost? 

A: There is a $45 non refundable evaluation fee to determine the extent of damage and how likely recovery is. Once the evaluation is complete, your recovery will fall into either Tier 1 ($175), Tier 2 ($275), or Tier 3 ($375+). Since some devices are beyond recovery (damaged NAND), the evaluation fee will go towards our engineers since we spend a lot of time and resources doing everything possible to recover your data. 

Q: Does Apple provide iPhone data recovery services?

A: Apple does not retrieve data. Once they discover any signs of liquid, they will offer an "out of warranty" hardware replacement ($269-$599 +tax) but do not provide iPhone data recovery services. 

Q: How long does it take for iPhone data recovery?

A: Standard iPhone data recovery times vary but average turnaround time is 5-14 days. We understand the urgency of our service but kindly ask you to remain patient. It does not help calling every hour or rushing our engineers. We strive for quick turnaround but we value quality work over a rushed job. We also offer expedited recovery services upon request. 

Q: Can you recover data from a disabled iPhone?

A: Unfortunately, no; it is not possible. As a security feature, once a phone is disabled; the only option is to restore the device through iTunes

Q: Can you recover an iPhone that was restored?

A: No, data recovery is not possible once the phone has been restore. 

Q: Is my data safe and secure with you?

A: We understand the importance of keeping your data confidential. We implement multiple security protocols to ensure your recovered data is protected. Our systems are encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. 


Q: Will my iPhone work after the data recovery is complete?

A: Our main objective is to recover your data. In certain circumstances, the device will continue to work, however; water damaged devices are unpredictable and we do not guarantee the repair, only the data recovery. It is possible your iPhone may continue to work since we may have to repair it temporarily to access the files, but we cannot assure the reliability since other components may fail in the future. 

Q: My iPhone fell in the toilet and does not turn on. How can you get the data?

A: With over 12 years of experience, our certified engineers specialize in iPhone data recovery and particularly logic board, component level repairs. Most cookie cutter repair shops are able to perform basic tasks such as replacing an iPhone screen, but it takes a special skill set and years of experience to truly master the underpinning technology of how an iPhone functions. This is the reason we offer our B2B services and why many repair shops outsource their work to us and simply mark it up on you.

Q: How can I get my recovered files once the iPhone data recovery is successful?

A: You may provide a empty USB 3.0 flash drive or external hard drive. If you are providing us a drive, please make sure storage space available is equivalent to the storage size of your iPhone. For example, if you have an iPhone X 128gb, please ensure there is at least 128gb of free space in the drive provided. We can also provide a drive for an additional charge depending on size of storage needed.  

Q: This sounds great! How do we get started? 

A: You can send us an email to: and schedule an appointment or call us directly at 917. 983. 9393. Once we have details of your situation, you can stop by either of our drop off locations in Manhattan. 

Not in NYC?

Mail it!

1. Send us an email with your name, contact number, and type of device

2. A ticket will be created

3. Mail and provide tracking

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